happy birthday stephanie

i've had some great critiques lately that resulted in a sleepless liz with LOTS to think about - fantastic for artistic growth! however, they've also left me displeased with my most recent rolls of film, so i have nothing new that i feel is worthy of a post.

i've also been prepping like a madwoman for my upcoming show at Eric Phleger Gallery in Leucadia (opening is June 27th, see sidebar for details - come and check it out if you can!) so that hasn't left me with much time for shooting.

in the meantime, enjoy these tiny prints i made for my dear friend stephanie for her birthday. we framed them together and they turned out really well. i wouldn't have printed these images so tiny if she hadn't made the request, and i think they are actually pretty sweet as little miniatures.

2.5" x 2.5" images in 5" x 5" frame

Barny's | Andrea in Her Surf Shop

Pink Van | Boards and Flowers


Maggie said…
i love the tiny.
Anonymous said…
Really enjoyable images Liz. I bounced over from the Courderoy blog, Tyler and Jim giving you some love!

Stoked to see what else you'll have in the future, bookmarked!

Stephanie Dana said…
the one with the candles is lovely.

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