Variety Pack

(above) Chelsea contacted me after seeing Sirens on Jettygirl, and I was stoked to have the chance to go up to San Clemente to photograph her this week. As you can see by her many, many trophies, she is quite an accomplished surfer at just 16 years old! One thing I noticed is that EVERY SINGLE trophy she has ever been awarded has a boy on it. No girls on trophies. How'dya like them apples?

(below) While visiting with my friends Cher and Steve this past weekend, they were kind enough to let me photograph their house. I love how natural, unique and fun their environment is - it captures their personalities so well!

These images have me especially excited because I've been trying to capture more details to incorporate into Sirens and I think at least one of these will work well. I photographed Cher previously, and will again, and I think these detail shots will compliment her portraits nicely by telling the full story of how integrated surfing is into her life.

Comments said…
Your little story about Chelsea stokes me out. So happy to see cool little projects helping each other out. It's interesting that you made her trophies part of the series of photos. My first thought when I saw the top photograph was that she was positioned between a wing-like board display in the same manner that trophy statues are sometimes represented. Does that make sense? I really like that shot Liz.
Greg Lantz said…
great images. i like them all. of chelsea, i like the 1st one and 3rd one the best. and of cher and steve's i like the 2nd shot the best.
Stephanie Dana said…
the one of her and surf boards is lovely. i think it makes me look like she has surf wings or something. not girls on trophies....come on it is 2009, we should have some gender equality.
Anonymous said…
cool pics. Is she going to be on the WTC or what?? She must really rip.

I have a friend who runs a trophy and awards company. It would be really simple to make a trophy with a girl on it instead of a boy, c'mon!

Apparently the people running the Junior's contests are a bit... behind the times???

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