one of my favorite people!

my niece tristen is one of my favorite people. at 8 years old, she intensely smart, honest and genuine - no holds barred with her. maybe most kids are that way, but t0 me she is one of a kind. tristen is also hilarious and loves to cuddle, which is a winning combination in my book.

after making a pact that if i photographed her karate promotions (she is now advanced orange belt), she'd sit nicely for some "real" portraits, we made these photos in her room in colorado.

i've been on a hiatus from sirens, taking time to apply for grants & exhibitions, and prepare for portfolio reviews. (my review at the Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins went really well last friday!) now, i am home from CO but sick as a dog. once i am well, you can bet your bottom dollar i'll have new images for Sirens.


Maggie said…
OMG! those shots are so great Liz!
[damn do i feel old!]
Stephanie Dana said…
oh i love them, she is darling, pink is wonderful and furry creatures rock!
I love these too. They are so great! I love her wall decorations, all the pink and her smile with that little creature (a mouse?) - sure hope you feel better real soon.
Greg Lantz said…
great pics! the one of her smiling with the hampster is definitely the most Tristen of the bunch :)

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