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i absolutely love cardiff. after moving here almost 2 years ago, i never want to live anywhere else. i feel like i'm on vacation almost every day! life here is paradise, and i feel so lucky to have a little slice of it to call home. the images above highlight some random things that caught my eye while cruising around town last week.

and just for fun, some cardiff factoids:
  • cardiff is officially known as cardiff-by-the-sea and lies 25 miles north of san diego.
  • the 2007 consesus revealed a population of 11,537
  • history has it that the founder of cardiff, j. frank cullen chose a spanish name for his playground because of its proximity to mexico but mrs. cullen, a native of cardiff, wales, persuaded him to name it cardiff and give the streets english names.
  • cardiff's only industry, a kelp works, was built 1912. seaweed was processed there for its food and industrial content. the plant's foundation is still visible along the san elijo lagoon's muddy north bluff.


Maggie said…
i like these,
thanks for the local lesson!
Stephanie Dana said…
the first one is great.

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