mari and i were introduced by our mutual friend chris. mari is one of the sweetest people i have had the pleasure to be around. she's extremely positive, genuine, caring, and easy to talk to. all great qualities in a photo subject.

what's with the horse, you ask? well, not only does marissa surf competitively, she also competes in the rodeo arena!

i think the portraits with the horse are too far removed from surfing to work with sirens as they are, but maybe they'll work when accompanied by marissa's words. for now, i am pretty stoked on the first portrait - i think it's successful in showing the softer side of surfing i've been trying to capture and i like that it is a more formal portrait than some others i have taken.


NikonSniper said…
this is a great set ... really love 2nd from bottom. great job.
Greg Lantz said…
how much to live in the shed on the farm land? i'll take care of the dog too. haha. seriously, i really like these
these are crazy good liz! keep them coming, i look forward to your posts :)
Stephanie Dana said…
i like the 4th one alot. nice work lady. said…
I spoke with Mari earlier today. She really enjoyed working with you.
Maggie said…
These are my new favorites!

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