I DID IT!!!!!

Website redesign is complete! It's been 6 years overdue. I can't believe it's finally done. Comments, compliments and complaints welcome.


Greg Lantz said…
it looks awesome. the portfolio section contains so much good stuff in every section. you are so talented. congrats!
Anonymous said…
I love the redesign. It's a very clean feel and I love your recent photography projects. This is some amazing work you're doing Liz. Keep up the great work.

Also, want to swap links on each other's sites? I'll put you in my links if you put me on your links page. What do you think?
azuldeultramar said…
nice site,simple and stylish, and what is more important, great photos :)


Chris said…
Looks good to me; I am proud of you!!!


Liz I absolutely love it! Great work :)
Hope I get to see you sometime soon.
Anonymous said…
hey girl awsome site!!!! you got so much talent and vision not only in the little camera of yours but also in how you live each step you take. such an amazing person, cant wait to see what you put together next. let me know if you ever need an arrand boy. ;-P
Kelly Dykstra said…
Looks awesome! Did you design it yourself. very cool.

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