NinePlus Women's Wetsuit Review: Catsuit 2009

Alright, this has nothing to do with photography, but I had a hard time finding a review of this wetsuit so I thought I'd post this in case anyone else is looking for it. I'll try to keep it brief:

During my first surf, I gave the suit a 7 out 0f 10. It felt awesome, arms and chest were SO warm they didn't even feel wet. The wool that lines the inside of this suit is amazing, and you can tell it's made from good neoprene. After the first session, my only gripes were the collar was really irritating my neck, it letting some water in down my back, and it was REALLY (I mean REALLY) hard to get out of. I attributed all of that to needing to break in the new suit and figured it'd be fine by a couple of surfs.

But, by my third session, there was so much water flooding in through the neck I had a pool of it down my back and around my stomach between waves. When I moved my leg to get myself turned around, water flushed up the leg. Turning turtle caused water to flood in through both arms.

Ultimately, I returned the suit (thank you Ken at Icons of Surf for being so understanding and customer-service oriented. this surf shop ROCKS) because I can't justify spending $300 on something that lets in that much water.

The wetsuit looks super hot. I got lots of compliments on that. But this suit is for someone with a thicker neck than mine, or something... I'm gonna have to stick with a mainstream suit for now. The Patagonia suit would have been another alternative if the neck didn't feel like choke-hold. Hopefully this review is useful to someone out there. Oh, here is the NinePlus description of the suit, FYI.

UPDATE March 2009: I ended up with the women's Billabong Solution Gold 3/2 - this is by far the best wetsuit I've ever owned (compared to Roxy, O'Neill, 9plus & RipCurl). I love it!


mabel said…
my friend has this suit & I have the baby minx (the shorty version) .. they are definitely hard to get out of (because the zip is at the front, for anyone wondering!), you need a helping hand (can be a good thing ha ha) .. also someone always comments that you are putting your wetsuit on back to front :-)
R4TH said…
hi looking for a suit for my wife, wher did you end up getting the billabong suit from?
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much for posting a review, was really hoping to get one of these, purely for its looks (can I help not wanting to look like a fat seal everytime I surf in the UK?!)but it doesn't seem that great. Ended up getting a Ripcurl E3 5,3 suit which lets in lots of water down the back too but I find this warms up quick and keeps me warmer in the end. I really hate arms and legs filling up though, which I'm getting a bit of now too, grrrrr!
latex catsuit said…
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Anonymous said…
I have just bought a 3:2 Nine Plus - its the new version as they had problems with faulty batch of glue in a batch last year or year before. I am curious about the leaking you all experience in diff suits - isn't that down to the suit being too big or badly fitting for your body shape? Also if the neck/seals rubs on any suit get some BodyGlide - its a stick for stopping suits chaffing you :)
Pau said…
It looks really sexy. More on the "black widow" look for me than the catwoman look.

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