new photos for the new year. ON FILM!

that's right - the hassleblad is back baby! my first photo shoot of the year took place last week with Cori and Maria. i am exhausted right now but i must post these immediately as it has been waaaaay too long since my last post.

the one below is a random picture I made before I met up with c+m, while the sun was still out. After making this image I discovered there was a woman named Liz inside the pink van ('78, custom color). She is 5 years into a 19 year trek across the country. Holy smokes! Lucky Liz.


Greg Lantz said…
i also really like the one on the nose and i like the van shot a lot. you can't say women in surfing with an automobile much more than an old soft pink VW van.
mabel said…
I love the on the nose image, the van shot & the van! Congrats on getting your hassleblad back :-)
I am amazed by that woman, Liz. Talk about long term goals. I love your shot of the van, and I really love the close up shot of the sirens. Happy New Year!
azuldeultramar said…
I had the desire for a while to put some film again in my old cameras... after watching your photos... I'm doing it, for sure, great work!


Stephanie Dana said…
i love that bus. oh, how i need one.

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