my old surf spot

Whihala Beach, IN. 10-14-04, 8:15 AM

I love this Polaroid and I thought I'd share it here. I don't know why it scans so weird... it looks very painterly. Oh, there's nothing like an original!

Anyway, the waves were less than stellar, but it was such an adventure to paddle out at dawn in 30 degree water/20 degree air (this particular day was not that cold), alone. Talk about stoke! All it took was a 15-20 kts wind from the north to get me pumped for days. Ahh, lake surfing. I hope I surf there again someday.

Oh, for those unfamiliar with the Midwest: this beach is on Lake Michigan, on the other side of Chicago. You can barely see the skyline on the horizon towards the right side of the frame.


That is really cool that you surfed there.

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