The Grass is Greener Project

Check out this new blog, Grass is Greener, that launched this week - it's very worthy of your time. I love that fact that it celebrates the old school goodness of film and getting back to the roots of other forms of artwork (and it makes me feel guilty for not shooting film anymore...that will have to change). Oh, and of course I love that it has to do with surfing :)

Kyle Lightner is the mastermind behind this project, and his personal site is pretty groovy too. Check it out here.

photos by Kyle Lightner

Here is the project mission statement:

Grass is Greener was birthed with only one goal in mind- gettin' back to basics. through time, & the influence of modern technology, we've lost so many tools & techniques that have helped craft what so many of us as surfers, artists, & musicians, love & thrive off of to this day; blurry washed-out photographs, non-saturated & faded art, less friendly wave-riding equipment & raw music recordings from our recent golden eras; it all leads us to the past.

Grass is Greener is our way of returning to our roots.. showcasing photographs, art, wave-riding, shapes, lifestyles, musicianship, natural flow, positive energy, creations, artists & advocates alike that fully represent & live out the past; when the art was pure, the styles were innovative, the music was raw, the boards were basic, & in both the photos & film....the grass truly was greener.

Right on.


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