jeannette & diana

my friend calvin introduced me to two very cool women, jeannette and diana. to be quite honest, i am too tired to think clearly enough to write something that would do justice to my experience with them. i can quickly say that this week has taught me that these photos work much better if the subject is expecting me (rather than randomly approaching strangers) and that meeting people like jeanette, diana, and all the other women i've photographed so far gives me an inspiration i hadn't found before. i feel renewed after every photo session, just like a surf session. so here are the pics- please give me any feedback you might have, positive or negative- my editing date is approaching... i will comment more on this session again soon, i hope.


Stephanie Dana said…
3,4,5,and 6 are ones i like. i esp. like the one you shoot thru the car and she is looking at you. that ones my favorite.
Greg Lantz said…
i like 4,6,7, and 9 best. i also like the one with her looking through the car the best, but #4 is a very close second

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