decisions, decisions

i photographed a surfer named kelsey today, she was super sweet and easy to make pictures of. i had a really hard time editing when i got home- what a great problem to have. once again, i am stoked after this portrait session! i love it when this happens. here are a few of the images i really like:

i'm also trying to decide some other things about this body of work, like what exactly is my point? would narrowing the focus of the project make it stronger? i feel that it's too early to say, and for now, i'm going to photograph anything and everything i can and see where it goes. i'm just having fun, and that's what surfing and photography are about for me. cheers to that!


Greg Lantz said…
i like the first and last image the best, but many are interesting and i like the idea of you introducing the audience to the evolving fabric of women's surfing.
Stephanie Dana said…
the 3rd image is sweet.

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