meet my new board! i call her birdie

singlefin, 9'2 x 23 x 3, shaped by gary hanel. i've only been able to take her out once since i got her, but she rides like a champion. i am stoked!!!!!

for all you syd and charlie fans out there, i leave you with this :)


Anonymous said…
Sweet board girl! Now you just need to get it up here to 3 Mile and take Birdie fr a real test drive ;) Heading out to 3 Mile tomorrow with Rob and Dan for some potential ovhd to 2x ovhd surf. Could be epic or could be total sketch. Wish us luck.
Anonymous said…
Your brother might need you to find him a new board too. He snapped his in two yesterday at 3 mile. I was a great day and a totallyf un session in overhead surf. Unfortunately a 2x overhead clean up set came through just as we were caught inside and a pitching lip ate his board for lunch just at the end of our session. Unfortunately, it was a long swim back in for him.

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