i have a hard time thinking of titles

today i had my first "arranged" photo session with a woman who responded to my craigslist post. it was great to have someone to photograph that already knew what i was up to and was willing to be photographed. THANK YOU! the digital images i shot didn't really turn out very well so i'm hoping for more from the hasselblad. i did get the waterproof camera (hooray!) which as taught me that i need to choose between shooting and surfing because i can't do both while i'm in the water. i did get some cool shots from that camera but i'll have to post them later.

some other ladies responded to my ad, but i haven't had a chance to meet them yet. it's been a busy week. i finally got my epson 3800 set up so i can start printing these bad boys! or girls i should say :) just as soon as i get some negs scanned...i know, i know. i've been saying it for too long. i will do it by the end of this week. deal? deal.

now, i know i have other pictures of feet, but i can't resist the nailpolish and surf gear combo. i'll narrow it down when the time comes.


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