holeman surf designs

yesterday i had the pleasure of photographing andrea, the owner, operator, and surfboard painter for Holeman Surf Designs. i met up with her after her session at wisconsin ave & she was kind enough to let me into her home and studio and brand new surf shop (222 Wisconsin Ave, Oceanside). i had a field day with my camera! all of the spaces were so inspirational and it felt incredibly good to be shooting somewhere other than the beach or a parking lot!

i feel like this was a breakthrough in the project, being able to photograph a "surf space", instead of just photographing someone during a 2 minute interaction in passing. i'd love to do more of these. so if you know anyone who'd be willing, i would love to do more still lifes and portraits without people if you know what i mean.

i can't wait to post all of my film images, especially from this session. they are getting processed as we speak and negs should be scanned soon. i promise! thank you andrea and jp :)


Greg Lantz said…
these look great. i'm glad you were able to break out off the beach and into the streets. ;)
Liz Gresey said…
Excellant Liz. Way to dig.

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