Thursday, September 13, 2007

holeman surf designs

yesterday i had the pleasure of photographing andrea, the owner, operator, and surfboard painter for Holeman Surf Designs. i met up with her after her session at wisconsin ave & she was kind enough to let me into her home and studio and brand new surf shop (222 Wisconsin Ave, Oceanside). i had a field day with my camera! all of the spaces were so inspirational and it felt incredibly good to be shooting somewhere other than the beach or a parking lot!

i feel like this was a breakthrough in the project, being able to photograph a "surf space", instead of just photographing someone during a 2 minute interaction in passing. i'd love to do more of these. so if you know anyone who'd be willing, i would love to do more still lifes and portraits without people if you know what i mean.

i can't wait to post all of my film images, especially from this session. they are getting processed as we speak and negs should be scanned soon. i promise! thank you andrea and jp :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

i wish i was more politically inclined

but alas, i am not. i don't have anything wise or insightful to say about today. i wish i did.

i'll always remember the panicked wake up call i got from my brother demanding i turn on the tv and him repeatedly asking me where our dad was. dad traveled a lot for work at the time. i still can't think about september 11th for more than 5 minutes without needing some "alone time". the image of people jumping out of the t0wers is burned in my head.

its ridiculous that all these years have passed and its still not over. i can't wait for the next election.

on a brighter note, here are some more pics from the past week. i am still slacking on getting my negs scanned! yikes! ok, ok, i'll stick out my hand so you can slap it with your ruler. there are new pics from the underwater cam, i just need to get my butt in gear and get them off the camera. on an even brighter note, i had an excellent sessoin at swami's this afternoon. my first time surfing there!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

waterproof digital?! who knew....

yay! the first images from my new waterproof digital camera are here. i have a lot of learning to do about this machine, so hopefully the images will just get better. these don't all pertain to my project, but here they are for your viewing pleasure....

i have a hard time thinking of titles

today i had my first "arranged" photo session with a woman who responded to my craigslist post. it was great to have someone to photograph that already knew what i was up to and was willing to be photographed. THANK YOU! the digital images i shot didn't really turn out very well so i'm hoping for more from the hasselblad. i did get the waterproof camera (hooray!) which as taught me that i need to choose between shooting and surfing because i can't do both while i'm in the water. i did get some cool shots from that camera but i'll have to post them later.

some other ladies responded to my ad, but i haven't had a chance to meet them yet. it's been a busy week. i finally got my epson 3800 set up so i can start printing these bad boys! or girls i should say :) just as soon as i get some negs scanned...i know, i know. i've been saying it for too long. i will do it by the end of this week. deal? deal.

now, i know i have other pictures of feet, but i can't resist the nailpolish and surf gear combo. i'll narrow it down when the time comes.

Monday, September 3, 2007

where are you?

this is a fun little map that shows where the people who visit my blog are visiting from! nothing to do with photography but i enjoy it: