Ponto Jetty & Barny's

Surfed at Ponto Jetty this afternoon and didn't see any other girls out there until a young woman and her ?brother? came along as I was about to leave. She was gracious enough to allow me to photograph her which I was very stoked to do as I had not made any photographs all day and it was nearing magic hour:

After we left Ponto Jetty, I stopped off at Barny's to see if I could find anyone else to photograph while the light was still great. I saw one woman coming in on a bright green board, and chased after her for at least half a mile before I breathlessly caught up with her and asked her if I could make her portrait. Denied! Ouch. I was very happy to find these other subjects though :)

I must admit that I'm not really crazy about any of the images I made today, unfortunately, but I wanted to put them out there anyway and see what you think. It feels great to be out and shooting, no matter what.

After seeing these pictures, I'm asking myself what will this group of images be about in the end? What else can I do to capture the culture, lifestyle, etc. of women's surfing? I am going to get a housing for my point and shoot to do some action shots. I just can't afford it for my larger camera. But otherwise, I feel that I need to branch out and get in there if this is going to work. I know it's only been 5 days since I started shooting, and maybe I should just let the pictures lead me. That worked in the past....anyway. Here they are, and thank you for looking!


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