i haven't seen her in action but i can tell she rips

boy have i been slacking with my posts this week! i haven't been shooting much because i started a new job, and i want to see the film i've shot so far before i continute, just to get an idea of where i am. but i've yet to see the film beacuse i'm trying to decide whether:

a) i should pay to have someone scan my negs
b) get my own scanner (if so, which one?! i can't afford a film scanner right now)
c) i should just bite the bullet and ditch the film completely and shoot digital only.


i would like to take this chance to give a shout out to my super smart and supportive boyfriend Greg for patiently listening to me mull these things over and giving me his thoughts on the matter. it's an endless debate between analog and digital lizzie.

any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.

i shot these north of the campground this morning.....

I am going to start doing one of these (immediately above) of every woman with her board. I think it say something about their personality and as a series would be pretty interesting. Thanks for the reminder Paul!! Of course I'll keep shooting whatever else I find interesting too. Right now I'd like to try some different locations, more on the beach, less in the parking lot. It's hard to decide to shoot and not to surf when I'm right on the water :) Thank goodness I have an Optio W30 coming to me so I won't have to choose as much anymore.

I shot these earlier this week but I don't really like them to be honest. The color is too washed out in the first image. The second image is alright, but I wish I could see her face. I love photo projects :) It's good to be back.


Greg Lantz said…
I really enjoy watching this project progress. I know when it's done it will be very inspiring to many women and I'm really proud that I get to call you mine. Love you honey.

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